Why Repair Your Roof Immediately After Minnesota Storm Damage

Seasonal storms are something that every homeowner needs to worry about. When the storms of your region blow through, how much should you trust the integrity of your roof? How often should you get roof inspections and repairs when storms are pretty frequent?

As it turns out, your best bet for both maintenance today and your eventual home sale price is to get repairs immediately and maintain your roof regularly. There are several good reasons to get schedule a roof inspection and repairs promptly after each bad storm. Storm damage can be brutal but regularly maintaining your roof in the face of these storms can be excellent for your long-term home value.

Storm Damage is Bad News for Your Roof

When a storm hits, it can wreak all kinds of damage to your roof. Roof damage caused by a storm is often much worse than it looks from the ground. A badly damaged roof that is likely to leak during the next storm might look just a little rougher from your vantage point standing at the curb. But that rough look is actually dozens to hundreds of damaged shingles that are no longer holding on as they should.

High-speed winds can peel up shingles, break them, and fully remove shingles from the top layer of your roof. And even a windless hail storm can pulverize your roof and shake the UV-resistant granules right off the top. If the storm involved snow, then piles of snow left up there can turn into dangerous in-place moisture exposure.

Even the nearby trees pose a hazard because both wind and snow can drop a tree branch right into your roof and cause impact damage.

Storms are incredibly dangerous to your roof and two storms in a row without repairs can result in damage most homeowners don’t care to contemplate.

Prevent Serious Underlying Roof Damage

Part of the reason for prompt post-storm repairs and regular roof regular maintenance is because it prevents long-term damage to underlying roof structures.

You see, if even a small leak is allowed to begin, a leak so small you’ll never notice it downstairs, this can start to rot away at the underlayment and beams that support your roof. If you only maintain your roof right before sale, there might be some serious rot, mold, or buckling.

But if you get your roof repaired after each storm when damage is most likely to happen, your roof will never get the chance to leak and certainly not a continuous leak.

Recent Roof Repairs Increase Immediate Home Value

Everyone knows that one last round of roof repairs before putting your home up on the market can really make a house shine. Let your roofers know you’re about to sell and they may take extra care to ensure your roof looks smooth and beautiful from the ground for perfect pre-sale curb appeal.

In order to get the best possible price for your home, whenever you eventually sell it, the key is to take care of regular roof maintenance in preparation for that day. Not only are you protecting your home’s integrity against seasonal weather in the years between buying and selling. You are also ensuring that the roof is in top condition for your future buyers. In fact, a nice roof can boost your home selling price by as much as $2800 higher than your base listing price.

If the weather hammers down on your roof or blows away shingles, you know those need to be fixed promptly to maintain the long-term value of your home. If the housing market in your region is highly competitive, it’s vital to keep up maintenance and repairs to make sure your home is in a better position than those that are only fixed up right before being sold. Be sure to schedule early to ensure that your local roofers can get your home looking beautiful by the time you’re done repainting and staging for market.

Here at Satin Touch, we can help you take care of all your storm damage home repair needs. Contact us today to consult on the kind of repairs you may require and to schedule your initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.