Water Intrusion

Water damage is not isolated to wet weather conditions and can happen without notice. There are countless factors that come in to play and some of us are all too familiar with these signals: Water stains, irregular markings, warped floorboards, and damp carpet are an indication of water damage. In some cases without proper drainage, water can saturate from the outside of a building and make its way through the foundation of your home causing extensive damage. It is important to get a professional water damage assessment before mold begins to grow, and understand what kind of repairs are required to correct the issue. Whatever the cause, Homes Reinvented is available around the clock to respond to the emergency.

At Homes Reinvented, our water damage specialists are on call 24 hours a day and are fully trained to mitigate your flooding or overflow issues. Proper water removal and extraction techniques are used to remove moisture from damaged walls, floors and crawl spaces without causing further damage to your home. We combine advanced dehumidification techniques with professional drying equipment to get you back into your home or office in a timely and efficient manner. We are fully Licensed and Insured with Liability and Pollution Insurance.


Contents are valued as a result of their real value, antique value, but more importantly, or sentimental value.

Move Out / Pack Out

Severe losses as a result of damage from fire, smoke, water or biological contamination may necessitate the need for a “Pack-Out.”

Homes Reinvented, the Restoration and Remodeling Division of Satin Touch, Inc., most vital function is when a pack-out must be performed. A pack-out involves inventorying, notating pre-existing damage, wrapping, packing and transporting content items. Homes Reinvented uses a special software program to track all contents from the initial packing to the final step of returning the contents to our customer. As our customer, you will have your own, online access, to all of the photos.

Homes Reinvented utilizes this service when a homeowner’s structure has suffered a loss such as water damage or fire/smoke damage. These services are applied when it is more cost effective to move-out furniture and belongings. The insured’s belongings are taken to our warehouse for more specialized cleaning and then stored. Pack-out service also is utilized when a large area of carpet must be removed because of the loss.

Pack Out Inventory System

POI is a tool that provides content listings of repairable, questionable & non-repairable items for insurance carriers by a disinterested party. A completely integrated photo system to document the original condition of items, recording of all content items with bar codes and handheld scanners enhance control and professionalism. POI enables Homes Reinvented to track our customer’s property until cleaned and returned.

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