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Units not renting?  Turning a lot of prospects away because your property doesn’t fit their family size needs?   Combining slowing renting apartments might be a viable solution and give you a competitive edge in many of the Minneapolis/St. Paul neighborhoods.  By merging two apartments, you’ll gain valuable square footage and market to your key demographic a unique apartment home that your competition cannot match.   However, the process of combining two apartments in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, such as Bloomington, Apple Valley or Eden Prairie, is more than knocking down a few walls, so it’s crucial to partner with a reputable contractor with plenty of experience completing unique, large-scale improvement projects. For the Minneapolis/St. Paul area residents, including Anoka, Lakeville, Maple Grove and every suburb in between, that company is Homes Reinvented.

Homes Reinvented, the remodeling and restoration division of Satin Touch, Inc., streamlines the often-complicated process of combining apartments by implementing a six-step procedure that takes the burden of gathering piles of paperwork and making tricky decisions off you, the client. Our experienced team of project managers, designers, and contractors handle everything – from permits to post-renovation cleanup – so you don’t have to. As our client in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul suburbs, you can expect us to:

  • Collect necessary approvals and permits from the city your apartment complex is in
  • Determine how to best configure the combined spaces in accordance with building codes
  • Create and implement a design plan that addresses your tastes, needs, and special requests
  • Help you select the right flooring, cabinets, lighting, paint colors, countertops, etc
  • Coordinate construction times and closely oversee your project through completion
  • and more

Furthermore, when you choose Homes Reinvented, you’ll team with true industry professionals who possess decades of remodeling experience using only the finest materials and products. Whether your project involves combining apartments, overhauling an outdated kitchen, or both, you’ll experience the expert craftsmanship that has allowed us to satisfy even the most particular investors and management companies.

If you’re considering combining apartments in Minneapolis/St. Paul or the greater areas, such as the Edina, Plymouth or Woodbury, call us at (763) 954-0744 or complete our online contact form to arrange a design consultation.

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